eCommerce Search Engine Optimization

Having high ranking pages on Google drives traffic and awareness about your brand. Coming up in the search results consistently for the keyword phrases your customers are searching for can skyrocket sales.

But where to start? Optimizing your e-commerce website for Google is very complex and competitive. What keywords to target and what pages should those keywords link to? Why isn’t google ranking my website higher in the results for that important keyword?

It’s difficult to navigate the ever changing SEO landscape with google always adapting their dang algorithm. Google has turned once beloved creatures like penguins…hummingbirds and pandas into fierce beasts that wreak havoc on your Google rankings.

And yes, to Google’s credit they did have a more appropriately named algorithm named “Pigeon”, lol. Your in-house staff doesn’t have time to rank your business on Google competitively. What is that costing you?

Our team will research which keyword phrases your business and products need to rank for. We can get your business coming up in the search results where it counts, to sell more products. We can take the burden off your in-house staff and do a more effective job promoting your business in organic search results.

We do a holistic, deep dive into what’s working now and find the low hanging fruit keywords you need to rank for. We also make sure the content you’re presenting is high quality and matches the terms your ideal customers are searching for.

We have a track record of helping SMB’s and Enterprise level businesses increase sales from organic traffic. We were in your shoes once; we know the pressure of running an e-commerce company, staying competitive, and relevant.

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Platform-Specific Consulting

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