Real help to build you a bulletproof e-commerce business.

  • Reduce stress by gaining true control over your ecommerce business
  • Stop bs digital agencies from taking advantage of you
  • Stop your business from becoming irrelevant in the marketplace
  • Stop losing market share to your competitors
  • Stop leaving money on the table
eCommerce and paid media consultancy agency


  Travis here, you’re likely tired of fluffy, glad-handing agencies with their slick sales guys, template approaches, and junior account managers which don’t guarantee results and are not held accountable. But how do you hold them to account?

I choose to work directly with all of my clients and not only guarantee results but train you and your team on what KPIs are important to your business…and how to work better with your ad agency and hold them accountable.

That’s right, I’ll teach you what to look for, and what the agency is actually doing behind the scenes and empower you to always be in control of your Ads and SEO marketing efforts.

I train my clients on not only what KPI’s are important, but how to improve them.

I only take a handful of clients a year that I know I can help and actually guarantee results.

I only work with businesses I think my team and I can get results for period.

  • Eliminate Stress from slow sales and uncertainty
  • Create systems for consistent sales growth
  • Get more control over your business
  • Understand if your Digital Agency is truly ripping you off or doing a great job
  • Build a sustainable ecommerce business that will last
  • Have the dream business you set out to create
  • Have more free time for your family

Every e-commerce business has different challenges and I’ve seen a lot of them. My team and I specialize in defeating the most challenging problems in e-commerce on a regular basis. Often it’s just a matter of configuration or using the shopping cart or ERP system differently. If the fix requires customization or a workaround I help quantify and qualify before making any recommendations.

I can help you efficiently navigate the website challenges of your specific ecommerce business niche.


  • Contact us directly for a brief 20-minute call to see if we can help.
  • If we can’t help for some reason we’ll refer you to someone who can.
  • That’s it.


Sharp is not a digital agency.

All engagements are results-based and will have ROI for you. I offer a no-bullshit approach to helping you take your e-commerce business to the next level. You’ll work directly with me, Travis, not some wannabe marketer masquerading as a consultant.

I provide a holistic approach to improving the entire business with comprehensive assessments and planning. By thoroughly analyzing your business, customer habits, product category, competition, and KPIs, I will help you create a high-performance e-commerce business, not just a website.

I’ve helped customers using all the popular e-commerce platforms including Shopify, Magento, Volusion, Miva, and more increase market share, efficiency, and sales.

After initial triage and learning about your business, I set up goals and track everything in task management software.

I will explain why I recommend each initiative, and what I expect as a result, and work with you to get it done.

Taking your business to the next level online is challenging and it’s easy to get off track. I meet with you regularly to keep things moving and help unblock any issues that come up so can be an unstoppable e-commerce force your competitors will fear.

Tired of your SEO team ripping you off? Tired of spending thousands or tens of thousands on Google Ads and Social Ads that aren’t converting like they should? Me too.

Are you sick of the roller coaster of bull$hit, trusting an agency to get results than finding out they don’t know wtf they’re doing?

Tired of junior account managers that keep making excuses on why they can’t get you results?

Tired of your website not ranking for $hit on google even though you have a nice website and great product selection?

Sharpcommerce was founded on my experience (Travis Romine) in ecommerce since 2005 making millions personally, and now for a handful of clients.

I provide a results-based consulting program where I work with you to improve your business daily. I review where you’re at now and I put together a solid game plan for success and hold all of us accountable for results.

Sharpcommerce works with a wide range of online brands to improve brand recognition, logistical support, customer engagement, retention, conversions and ultimately return on investment. Results.

I help you build your e-commerce business with proven strategy, tools, and experience.

I only take on clients that I strongly believe I can actually help get a solid return on their investment.

I only work with clients doing at least $2MM yearly or startups that have the budget to afford proper ecommerce consulting.

Sharp Commerce Reviews

Fiver Star Rating - Review

We are a small business with two successful brick-and-mortar locations. When we were ready to start growing our online business and treating it as a third location we were very particular about the person we chose to take that step with. We reached out to probably 20 different companies and when we met with Travis the decision became a no-brainer. Every other company had the same cookie-cutter approach… boring! Travis is such a unique and talented individual and has really focused on what makes us different from our competitors (we have some large competitors). We have only been doing this for a few months and are blown away by the progress. The future is very bright and we are excited to have Travis leading the way!

-Jennifer Kniesel

Travis and his team are quite simply amazing! I’ve never met an individual who works harder, or smarter than him. He took my company, saw the entire picture of what was happening, and guided us to where we are now. Smart choices, great marketing experience, and focusing on the things that matter most to you. That’s what he delivers. Thank you Travis & Team for all you have done!

-Andrea H.

Fiver Star Rating - Review

5 stars are not nearly enough! Travis has helped us identify, understand and solve for our many pain points. From SEO to in-house efficiency, Travis has become not merely a consultant but an indispensable and integral part of our team. We are incredibly pleased with our relationship. We consistently get 110% of what we hope for. We wholeheartedly recommend Sharp Commerce without hesitation.

-Tim H.

Fiver Star Rating - Review

Fiver Star Rating - Review

Nothing beats Travis’s team’s enthusiasm and skill when it comes to wanting to make you, the client, or the prospective client successful. A number of my clients use Sharp Commerce to help boost sales and each one of them continues to use their services.

-Steve Cisick

Fiver Star Rating - Review

I cannot say enough good things about Travis and Sharp Commerce. Aside from expert advice in the e-commerce, SEO, and marketing fields we expected his assistance on, Travis went above and beyond in helping to improve all aspects of our business. His genuine interest in the health and success of our company meant offering guidance wherever necessary, including helping us to adopt new management strategies, assisting in finding highly skilled personnel, and going to great lengths to get the most out of our dated software until we were able to make a change. In addition to the improvements Sharp Commerce made to our company as a whole, Travis helped me to personally improve my skills as an e-commerce professional so that I could further grow my company past the period of our contract. Having worked with dozens of consultants over my 10 years in marketing, I’d rate Travis and Sharp Commerce as lightyears more valuable to our company than the rest combined, and of infinite value to my personal career.

-Tiffany McCoy

Fiver Star Rating - Review

We are a fairly large automotive accessories company that primarily sells online. We begin using Travis a few months ago after seeing a slump in sales throughout 2016. He was able to dive into the issue and identify several things that he considered factors in the sales downturn. We have implemented the changes he recommended and within 60 days our sales are back to where they were prior to the slump and still climbing. He has been extremely diligent and detail-oriented and has worked well with our staff here. He not only recommended changes he helped my staff understand why the changes were necessary and helped them implement them. We look forward to a long working relationship with Sharp Commerce and Travis.

-Bryan Howell

Fiver Star Rating - Review

We’ve been working with Travis for about 6 months. He has been pivotal in implementing an ecommerce strategy with a focus on growth. His ability to guide us in prioritizing and structuring tasks has been key to using our resources wisely. I highly recommend working with him.

-Sandy Glaze

Fiver Star Rating - Review

Travis is really knowledgeable and definitely has the smarts to get an e-commerce business to where it needs to be.

-Amala V

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