How much does e-commerce consulting cost?

How much does it cost to get help from someone with a track record of success in Ecommerce?

Most of the “consultants” you’ll come across online are very limited at best. They haven’t started an ecommerce business from scratch the hard way & spent the 80hr weeks for a decade mastering ecommerce. Hiring a consultant saves you from the school of hard knocks and can save you tons of time, that’s why you’re here.

I hate working for large corporations, they’re too boring and stiff. We’re dedicated to helping small to medium-sized business owners (2MM-50MM annually) and helping them build the business they always dreamed of.

Why don’t you charge hourly? Individual private consultants can charge hourly but they aren’t responsible for results.

I assume responsibility and am accountable for the results you get during our retainer engagement. The 2 clients that didn’t get amazing results from me… simply didn’t make the recommended moves I lined out for them and were stuck in their ways.

At Sharp, I prefer to do custom consulting that fits the needs of each client I take on.

Each e-commerce business is different and requires custom consulting that complements the business, company structure and niche for maximum impact.