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Our Story, History & Achievements.The Foundations To Help Online Businesses Succeed

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I founded Sharp Commerce to help e-commerce businesses experience the same success that I have in the eCommerce business.

You might ask then…why aren’t you retired on a yacht somewhere if you’re so successful? I am glad you thought of it.

The Story…

About a decade ago I was an online retailer making 50k/month in net profit on top of a decent salary as all entrepreneurs I had my trials and setbacks that led to my eventual success. I made the strategic decision, later on, to buy my partner out and scale my business even further without impediments in a bold business move he orchestrated a surprise hostile takeover of the company I built preemptively.  After legal battles, we had lost everything fighting to keep the business we built.

Instead of going back into e-commerce as a seller I founded Sharp Commerce. To make ends meet while I built Sharp Commerce up from the ground I worked for Stone Edge for a short time burning the candle at both ends consulting for E-commerce Order Management.

My first clients were friends that had seen me grow my company and wanted help growing theirs. From there we received referral work and built a boutique agency that optimizes e-commerce businesses nationally as you see it today.


The Challenges We Had In The Beginning…

One of our first large clients had stagnant sales at around 15MM for a few years. They were frustrated and hired us to get sales back on track. We were able to improve sales in less than 30 days and they’ve been growing ever since. That’s what we do, and no we can’t always get results in 30 days…but we get results and have the case studies to back that claim up.


So Why Sharp Commerce?

One big thing that sets us apart from other consultant agencies is that we have been there and done that. I mean all of it. I’ve been in your shoes from shipping, bookkeeping, catalog management, content, and eventually to CEO. I can relate and identify with your challenges and we can solve them.


As the CEO and founder, I personally do all of the assessments and advisories at Sharp. I have both a team of local and remote experts in the Ecom industry that can assist with my strategies and implementation and a killer Magento development team in the ready.

We don’t have a sales guy, you’ll talk to me directly I believe the best business relationships are started with direct contacts. I will only take your project if I know I can confidently achieve the goals and ROI you deserve.

Our Achievements

I’ve had articles published in many online publications including Inspired Insider, WebRetailer, Ecommerce Consulting, Facebook for Business and Entrepreneur.com.

To date, we’ve worked with e-commerce businesses in these categories:

  • Automotive Parts
  • Apparel
  • Sports Equipment
  • Musical Equipment
  • Needlecraft
  • Camping Equipment
  • Craft Supply
  • Footwear
  • Jewelry
  • Skincare
  • And Adding more as we grow

Why choose us to help you take your e-commerce business to the next level?


  • We don’t have a big fancy office, so you don’t have to pay for it.
  • You’re working directly with professionals that can get you results.
  • We use a project management system to track initiatives and keep a clearly defined game plan for you and our team to work from.
  • We’ve done this before and know e-commerce We’re fun to work with and love what we do.

Platform-Specific Consulting

Get your e-commerce sales growing again!

Kinda hard to believe, but it’s what we do every day for our current clients. It’s time to stop your competitors from taking even more of your market share. We can help you make your online store into a scalable powerhouse your competitors will fear.