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Don't go it alone, get some help from an experienced e-commerce professional.

Is your online retail store experiencing a downturn? Are sales slow and you're not sure why? Consider getting help from an e-commerce consultant before you reach the dreaded "point of no return".

What is eCommerce consulting? It's basically getting help from someone who's succeeded in the industry with a valid track record of success. Most entrepreneurs in this category are retired on an island somewhere. Why aren't we all retired in Tahiti? You can read our complete story here.

Hiring a qualified e-commerce consultant can get your online store back on track and growing again. The current eCommerce climate is more competitive than ever. We work with many different business models across many categories.

We've been in your shoes, running a high performance, multi-million dollar e-commerce business. We know what works, we will find out what your business is missing and show you how to make it more profitable.


There's only one way to offer comprehensive recommendations, review every aspect of your business. We'll dig into everything from order processing and fulfillment to digital marketing and conversion optimization.


We're not like typical agencies that blast money on Adwords and then find out your website needs work. We start from the ground up, turning over every stone to improve conversions, then add traffic. We've been in your shoes and will start with inexpensive initiatives first that have the most impact.


We'll clearly define initiatives and next steps for your team or you can rely on our team for implementation. We can take the load off you and your team as much as you need to keep things moving forward efficiently.

What Do Ecommerce Consulting Firms Do?

Simply put, increase sales and the value of your business with minimal disruption and drain on resources. Yeah, that's a tall order and few can deliver this.


A good ecommerce agency or firm is hard to find. You'll often find consultants that don't want to get their hands dirty. I don't blame them, it's a slippery slope helping someone build a business and tricky with no guarantees. If it was easy everyone would be doing it.


We have a professional services team that does just that, gets their hands dirty. We take pride in blasting through roadblocks whether it's web development, SEO, customer engagement, Adwords or some other area of your business. Some clients have their own implementation teams and that's also a great way to work and speeds up the process of getting results.


Ecommerce consulting services are much much different than using a digital marketing agency, an agency is comprised of marketers that typically specialize in a few areas of ecommerce, not all of them. Using a consultant or consulting group allows for a more comprehensive deep dive into your ecommerce business and achieve maximum results for the long haul.


It might surprise you how detailed some consultants can be in their assessment. My specialty since I have previous experience building and running a multi-million dollar ecom retailer is a 30,000 foot view wide sweep touching lightly on everything from inventory management and forecasting systems to hiring techniques, digital marketing, marketplaces, solutions providers, and management infrastructure.


One of our other team members has experience with big box ecommerce retailers and focuses on market segmentation, trends, fragmentation and Amazon marketing and optimization.


We have a whole separate digital marketing team just for Adwords that absolutely kills it. We have another team for Facebook and Social Media. Not all ecommerce consultants or firms will offer these services, this is our approach because we've found having specialists in all of these areas gets results for our clients.

Why Don't Ecommerce Consultants Have Their Own Online Stores?

I did actually and it rocked. You'll find there aren't a lot of reputable consultants out there and there are snake oil salesmen with flashy pitches. We are different because unlike every other consultant I've met...I've made millions in ecommerce retail sales with my own online retail business I built from scratch...before I lost it to a hostile take over by my partner. Yes, I should be on a tropical island drinking Pina I digress... That's another story...learn more about hostile takeovers and heartache here if you really want to.


Choosing a firm to work with is tough and it takes a lot of trust. Even the top ecommerce consulting firms can charge you an arm and a leg and don't guarantee results. Very often with new clients, they see me answering emails and updating tasks at 5am and are surprised. That's how we roll, we look at client relations as a partnership, your challenges are our challenges.

Ecommerce Consulting Rates

This will vary a great deal across the board. You'll find some of the top firms will charge flat monthly fees for a weekly call. Individual private consultants can charge hourly. The hourly approach offers very little ownership, any upfront savings is offset by long term impact.


If you have a particular pain point and have hit a roadblock hourly can be a good option sometimes. At Sharp we prefer to do a results based custom plan that fits the needs of the client and their business. What are you trying to do, how fast and aggressive to you want to be? Those should be the determining factors of the cost of any engagement.

The huge ecommerce firms use a boiler plate approach that can be inefficient and overpriced for the ROI they generate. I hate that. Each business is different and requires a consulting package that complements it appropriately for best results and minimal disruption.

Ecommerce Strategy Consulting Results


Increase In Sales

We've increased sales up to 3x annually for our clients. We increased sales 15MM+ in growth for our clients over the last year. That's some serious ROI. We're not showing off, this is what we do. This is real, not just some inflated junk number other wannabe consultants post on their sites. We price our engagements based on results so we have a plan that fits nearly any ecommerce retail business size and type.

Client Projects

Wow, only 22...that's right. We only take on a few clients at a time to ensure killer results. Each client we partner with for ecommerce services is very important to us, you are NOT a number. We want kick some ass for your company and this requires focus like a shoulin monk.

Years of Ecommerce Experience

My handpicked ecommerce services team is comprised of fun people to work with that ..well...know their shit. My team has worked on everything ecommerce retail, from catalog management and comprehensive Magento catalog builds to viral social media campaigns for emerging brands. The benefit of working with an experienced ecommerce consulting agency is the synergy of the team.

Get your e-commerce sales growing again!

Kinda hard to believe, but it's what we do every day for our current clients. It's time to stop your competitors from taking even more of your market share. We can help you make your online store into a scalable powerhouse your competitors will fear.