Dotmailer is one of the most powerful Enterprise Class Email Marketing Suite’s we’ve encountered. With the rising popularity of email marketing, it’s more important than ever to have a strong Email Service Provider(ESP). Dotmailer delivers a rich feature that is innovative and easy to use.

Sharp Commerce is a certified partner with Dotmailer and we’ve completed their rigorous certification program. We’re huge fans of Dotmailer and recognize their continued spirit of innovation which is clear in their latest releases.

Magento integration is very robust and streamlined. For example, you can setup related product emails to highly targeted customer groups based on previous purchase history in Magento. The Dotmailer integration with Magento is very comprehensive and works great right out of the box.

Dotmailer has complete forms and surveys toolset which is something the infamous ‘Chimp’ is clearly missing. The Dotmailer form tool is great for hosting popups or quickly posting static forms on your website or blog. The survey tool is very flexible and allows for fast flexible setup and application. Send a survey to your customers for feedback regarding service. Try increasing engagement by asking customers for their rating of your website and why…you’ll be surprised at the value and engagement a survey can achieve.

Choosing great tools is one of the keys to market advantages over your competitors. We can help you get the most out of Dotmailer using advanced automation, drip campaigns, segmentation and much more. Call or email us anytime for special agency pricing through us on Dotmailer.