Choosing an ESP can be a daunting task. Most business owners have an idea of what requirements they have in mind. Some of the things that you might want to verify that they can offer to include:

  • The ability to send triggered campaigns
  • A/B Testing
  • Segmentation
  • API Integration
  • Reporting
  • Easy to use interface
  • Mobile responsive emails

Dotmailer features all of these and more. We will go over just some of the powerful features included with Dotmailer.


The EasyEditor allows you to drag and drop content blocks to customize your emails. You can personalize columns, text, images, and videos. You can start from scratch and easily configure your own template. Dotmailer also offers free templates or a paid custom design template option.

dotmailer easy editor

The dynamic content tool in EasyEditor lets you tailor your emails so that different groups receive different content that is personalized to them. This allows you to send one email with multiple messages for different customer groups. You can select default content to display in these dynamic content blocks if your contact doesn’t meet any of the rules.


Dotmailer features an easy to use, built-in split testing feature much more robust than the Chimp. Split testing in Dotmailer allows you to test any aspect of content in your campaigns. You can test multiple subject lines, from names, creative and more. You can select the percentage of your contacts that you will send the test to as well as the amount of time you are going to run the test.

dotmailer split testing


Automated email campaigns are one of our favorite ways to stay engaged with our customers. Dotmailer makes it super easy to set up automation programs. Use the drag and drop program builder to create a decision based on a date, event, segmentation rules, customer behavior, and lead score. Some examples of how to use automation:

  • We love the automation feature for setting up welcome series emails. You can set up your emails to start sending right when your customer signs up for your list. After the initial welcome email, you can set up rules to continue to send incremental messages.
  • Another great way to use it is to set up a reactivation campaign. If you have customers that haven’t ordered in awhile you can send them an enticing offer. If they order you can exit them out of the program. If they don’t order you can continue to send increasingly enticing offers to try to get them to convert.
  • Who doesn’t love a great deal on their birthday? Send out an exclusive email to your customers with a deal for their special day.
  • Sending abandoned cart emails is a surefire way to re-engage your customers and seal the deal.
  • Send emails with add-on item ideas that accessorize with previously purchased products.

Why Dotmailer is one of our favorite Email Service Providers Ecommerce Business Advisory


The last thing email marketers want to do is send irrelevant content to their contacts. Segmentation allows you to separate your contacts based on data. You can segment by gender, age, email transaction, address book and more. Creating your segments is easy with the drag and drop tool. You can drag in your modules based on behaviors, data, sources, and grouping. Once you’ve dragged it in you can configure it how you’d like.

Why Dotmailer is one of our favorite Email Service Providers Ecommerce Business Advisory


The versatile API lets you connect almost any system to Dotmailer. You can import and export data between the two on a schedule to keep all of your data in sync. The API is a great way to get your contacts purchase information so you can market to them accordingly. Some of the things the connector allows you to access are your customer’s orders, carts, and wishlists, segmentation on purchase behavior, automation of email triggers, page visits, ROI on campaigns, abandoned cart, cart contents, inclusion of dynamic product recommendations in emails, unique coupon codes for each customer.


Dotmailer reporting and analytics let you see the results of your email campaigns quickly and easily. The campaign overview provides a simple way to see your campaign results. You can drill down further by clicking on the links to get detailed information.

Why Dotmailer is one of our favorite Email Service Providers Ecommerce Business Advisory

You can also find out where the hotspots are geographically and create segments for these customers.

Why Dotmailer is one of our favorite Email Service Providers Ecommerce Business Advisory

To view, all of the Dotmailer reporting features click here.

We are certified Dotmailer partners and would love to go over all of the fantastic features this ESP offers.

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