Stone Edge Order Manager(SEOM) is one of the most underrated solutions in the Order Manager(OM) category. While the architecture is dated, the comprehensive feature set was way ahead of its time (thanks to Barney Stone). SEOM is one of the most comprehensive OM’s out there. It can connect to many popular eCommerce carts including Magento; importing orders, syncing inventory QOH automatically.


  • Real time on-demand rate shopper across UPS, FEDEX and USPS
  • Packaging/Supplies Inventory Management, assign a specific box to a specific item
    • Reorder boxes automatically with built in forecasting engine
  • Optimized Picking, Pick List System using location codes
  • 3 Flexible packing workflows
    • Print label with packing slip complete
    • Print packing slip, print label once packed
    • Scan/verify item(s) into the box for quality control and fewer miss-shipments


Stone Edge 4



  • Automatic qoh sync with multiple carts, Amazon and eBay (via an additional connector)
  • Location codes
  • Kits, Lite Manufacturing (Assemblies)
  • Complete lot and case management system
  • Flexible data import, export functionality
  • Robust purchasing engine, min/max and dynamic forecasting based on velocity
  • Invoicing based on received items only for increased accountability


Stone Edge Multi-Record Editor Tutorial


Order Processing Automation

  • Auto import orders across all channels including Shopping Cart(s), Amazon, eBay.
  • Sync order status with all channels
  • Rule-based shipping method automation
  • Fraud prevention built in using MaxMind
  • Charge and Refund Credit Card Payments and Paypal Payments natively in SEOM using Magento/
  • 3 levels of order processing
    • Manual approval/print via order screen
    • Batch Processor
    • Fully automated approval and print via rules and config settings

This is just the tip of the iceberg with SEOM. There are many more details to this system like a very functional POS making SEOM great for hybrid eCommerce retailers with brick and mortar stores.

Sounds too good to be true? Yes, there are a few catches. SEOM is access based so you’ll need Microsoft Access on all workstations. SEOM takes an incredible amount of resources to set up and migrate data properly. However; you’ll find this is the case with any of the high performance, customizable ERP/OMS solutions out there. SEOM either needs a strong in house IT person with a decent SQL server setup or you’ll want to set SEOM up in the cloud via a 3rd party recommended partner.

SEOM is the only solution we’ve used that actually lets you configure it to your business model. SEOM provides a highly optimized workflow that you can tailor to your business and easily customize using soft parameters. There is so much more to SEOM and this is just a brief feature list.

Sharp Commerce is a registered Stone Edge contractor. Contact us for a demo on SEOM, we can help you choose the correct solution for your eCommerce business.

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