Sharp Commerce is a preferred Skubana partner and we recommend Skubana to many of our clients. Skubana is a cloud based OMS that comprehensively manages your entire eCommerce operation. The platform is modern, attractive and delivers. Skubana pricing does start at $500 at last check(6/16), so it’s geared mainly for well-established retailers doing 1000 orders/mos. They do charge based on order volume which makes sense for such a powerful tool.



Skubana has two main features that set it apart from the rest. It has an EDI setup for maintaining remote, real-time inventory from drop ship suppliers. This allows online stores to offer only the products that are truly available from their drop ship partners and only pay to advertise and present available inventory. This feature alone has a significant impact on customer service and advertising optimization.

Second, Skubana connects to a wide variety of channels. It has inventory and order updates sync with Amazon and Ebay baked in, right out of the box. Skubana makes the setup very quick and easy connecting many various services and carts with standardized API integration. It also offers in depth profitability reporting for Amazon FBA and FBM sales.

Chad Rubin created Skubana based on his frustration trying to find a comprehensive Order Management solution. His team at Crucial Vacuum manage their Magento store + 8 channels (Newegg, Rakuten, Sears, my storefront, Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, Amazon France). Using a solution that was created by a true eCommerce guy really differentiates the feature set of this OMS from the rest.

Skubana now also features integration with a growing number of 3rd party apps that can expand the feature set.

Here is a list of some of the key elements of Skubana:

•    Easy Setup (quickly easy connection with major shopping carts)

•    Amazon and Ebay Inventory and Tracking Sync

•    Multi Warehouse Locations

•    Multiple Bin Locations

•    Multi Channel Fulfillment

•    3PL Feeds

•    Drop Ship Feeds

•    Native Shipping Label Creation

•    Dynamic Inventory Allocation (To Prevent Overselling)

•    Advanced Profitability Reporting

•    Flexible “OrderBots” to automate common OM tasks

•    Auto Generated Purchase Orders

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