Business owners across the company rely on Shopify to host their online site. They know doing so provides them with a reliable host that remains dedicated to their success. Shops find they can begin selling out of the box, and Shopify offers many apps to boost the odds of success for those using the site. The following apps serve as only a few of many apps available today.

Keep in mind that every time you add an app you’re slowing down your site a little or a lot depending on the level of resources the app requires. Some apps run locally on Shopify and some run externally with the API. If you don’t understand what all that means… you’re not alone. In a nut shell just make sure you only add Apps that you absolutely need and have researched thoroughly. If you’re not sure about what apps you need, get some help from an experienced Ecommerce Consultant or Shopify Agency that does this often and has a good reputation.

Beware of installing and removing apps on Shopify… it seems so easy… and it is sort of. However; when you remove an App, it often leaves code and slows down your site or can cause error conflicts! That’s a huge issue with Shopify over time so choose your apps carefully.




Customers often make a purchase while remaining completely unaware that the shop offers additional items capable of adding value to their lives. Upselling eliminates this issue by showing consumers items related to that which they are purchasing. This technique can increase revenue by up to 38 percent and costs significantly less than attracting new customers. App designers offer many upselling apps created for Shopify. The following programs serve as a few choices every shop owner should consider.



Benefit from the free trial offered by Personalizer to see if this upselling app meets your needs. With the help of this app, customers see real-time recommendations powered by AI. The program combines the shop’s full catalog data with consumer buying behaviors from across the web to choose these recommendations. As a result, consumers see products that are highly relevant to what they purchase. In fact, this program landed in the number one spot in global eCommerce technology thanks to its effectiveness. Users saw a 28 percent average boost in revenue with its use, along with an average increase in order size of five percent. Customers see new, popular, and featured items in the recommendations, and products may be set up by the admins of the site, dynamically, or using a combination of both methods.

Frequently Bought Together


Individuals who shop on Amazon know the site offers recommendations on related products. Why not offer the same on your Shopify site? Frequently Bought Together makes it easy to do so. The plug and play app pulls from prior purchases in the database to establish a memory graph of products frequently bought together, hence the name. When a customer arrives on a product page, they see the item they wish to purchase along with related products that may benefit them. Business owners love they can customize the app to meet their needs and that it offers automatic bundle discounting.

Candy Rack


Candy Rack offers upsell pop-ups without disrupting the user experience. When a customer adds a product to their cart, the pop-up appears to show them items they may have overlooked. Users appreciate being able to customize the products that appear in these pop-ups and that they have the option of displaying more than one product when a customer adds an item to a cart.


Easily cross-sell related products with the help of this app or offer similar products with a higher price tag. Premium services, such as an extended warranty or gift wrap, often get overlooked when a customer makes a purchase. Include these services in a pop-up and watch conversion rates increase. Users love knowing the pop-ups are customizable, so they can match the pop-ups to their storefront.


Push Notifications


Push notifications remain a useful marketing tool for Shopify users. They allow the user to communicate with customers even when they aren’t on the website or app. These notifications improve customer retention, increase user engagement, drive more traffic, and boost conversion rates, among other things. The following apps help Shopify users bring in more leads and generate more revenue. Which apps provide the desired benefits and help a company grow its customer base?

SMS Order Recovery by Firepush


SMS Order Recovery serves as an automated retargeting and remarketing app for businesses using Shopify. Users find the program drives sales and boosts conversions, as it works with web push notifications as well as email and SMS. Companies discover they can send automated web push notifications when a customer abandons a cart or for customer service reasons. Countdown timers create a sense of urgency in the consumer, and companies appreciate having access to advanced reporting. The reports allow them to improve their campaign performance and make informed business decisions.

PushOwl Web Notifications

A Shopify app designed to help merchants engage with their customers using push notifications, PushOwl helps merchants turn visitors to the site into subscribers. It sends marketing messages that are highly visible and delivered directly to the viewer’s screen. The easy interface allows businesses to set up a schedule for these communications. In addition, the software offers the option of sending abandoned cart reminders to help businesses recapture sales. Furthermore, companies find they can upgrade as their business grows and get more features to meet the needs of their growing clientele. Small and new businesses truly appreciate having access to this app, as the provider offers it free for a year or until the store earns a specified amount in attributed revenue through the app.

Push Monkey


Companies looking to increase sales, boost their retention rate, and improve customer service need to check out Push Monkey. This app automatically sends push notifications to designated customers on certain occasions. This includes when a customer abandons a cart, when a back-ordered product becomes available, or when a sale comes up on a product they follow. The program allows the user to track data, such as the efficiency of notifications, open rates, and more. New subscribers receive special discount codes.


Email Marketing


Email marketing remains a great way to communicate with consumers and offers countless benefits. Companies find this marketing technique allows them to create personalized content that speaks directly to the consumer. Leads increase and sales improve when companies employ this communication tool, and cost-effective campaigns provide value for the consumer. The company determines when to send the communications to ensure they reach the right person at the right time. When this is the case, everyone wins. Which email marketing programs help companies achieve their goals?

Constant Contact

Many business owners rely on Constant Contact when communicating with their target audience. One of the largest email marketing services offered today, Constant Contact helps Shopify users market their goods. Users love the drop and drag builder along with the templates, as this reduces the time they must spend creating communications. They free up time to focus on other tasks, such as product development or customer service. In addition, the program allows for A/B testing and email automation. Download the Shopify plugin and begin personalizing emails based on a customer’s prior purchase history or review the results of email campaigns. Doing so has never been easier thanks to Constant Contact.



Consumers want to purchase from someone they know and someone who knows them. Drip recognizes this and creates communications that speak to the individual. It provides information about those who are buying from a company, which allows for the personalization of communications. Customers appreciate this, as it improves their experience with the provider. They won’t need to weed through things that aren’t of interest to them to find those that are. This serves as one of many ways email marketing provides value to the business and the customer simultaneously.



SendInBlue offers another option for companies interested in boosting their email marketing efforts. This email and SMS software designed for businesses sync with the company’s Shopify store. Upon doing so, the company can run targeted marketing campaigns, and an addon feature provides the option of segmenting subscribers based on prior purchases.


The user designs a message, personalizes the content, and selects the recipients. The program does the rest. It handles A/B testing, time optimization, and more. This allows the company to get more from its marketing dollars.


Conversion Optimization


Shops need to ensure visitors on their site become paying customers. Online selling is increasingly competitive with tons of options for the buyer. This makes getting sales very tricky with many moving parts behind each conversion.

There are some black box type conversion optimization apps out there but still require the e-commerce experience to know what you’re looking for. These can be a great help in increasing conversions. One of these solutions is OptinMonster, as this app helps to drive more email subscribers and boost overall sales conversions with the right setup. In addition, it reduces the frequency of abandoned carts. Users find they may offer discounts, coupons, and more with the help of the app, and this is only one of many features a person discovers when they download the app for use with their Shopify account. That said some of the above apps have overlap with OptinMonster so make sure to do your research so you get only the apps you need. Each app slows down Shopify and adds more code issues and glitch liability over time.


Customer Service


Never discount the importance of customer service in boosting revenue. Rewards and Referrals by Swell serve as an app that will help boost your customer service efforts. The app works with a range of popular programs, apps, and websites, including Yotpo, Mailchimp, and Hubspot. Users receive rewards for referring new clients, creating an account, making a purchase, and writing reviews. They even get rewards when they like the shop on social media or follow it.


Business owners must use every tool available to remain ahead of the competition. Shopify recognizes this and works to provide all an owner would need to achieve this goal. In addition to checking out these apps, look for others that will help you grow your business, boost revenue, and better meet the needs of your clients. When you do so, you’ll find your business takes off in ways you may never have imagined when first starting out on your venture.

Looking to grow fast without having to re-invent the wheel? Yep, there are accomplished e-commerce consultants that can save you a ton of time. Shopify ecommerce consulting can quickly add a lot of value to your existing Shopify store with thoughtful best practice upgrades and optimizations. If your struggling to find apps that benefit your business or you don’t want to go it alone. Consider this option. With the help of a consultant, you’ll begin growing your business much faster than on your own and save time and money in the long run.

Travis Romine