How do you know which version of Magento to use? What is Magento Enterprise? What is Community Edition or CE?

I thought Magento was free, is it free? How can Magento be so awesome…if they are giving it away?


Choosing your online platform or e-commerce shopping cart is a huge decision. It is a dangerous crossroads and not a choice to take lightly. Magento CE and EE are very different beasts and each come with their own strengths and weaknesses. There are no cliff notes for which is right for your e-commerce business.

Magento offers CE(Community Edition) and Enterprise(EE). Both solutions are self-hosted solutions meaning you need to pay for a Magento server hosting solution. This can run anywhere from $99/month all the way up to $5000+/month for larger multi-server cluster setups with load balancing. Hosting for Magento CE is about 1/5th of what EE (Magento Commerce) costs to host. This is because EE takes quite a bit more resources to run the more advanced baked in functionality.

EE comes with Magento email support which is decent these days. However; working with Magento support requires intermediate Magento knowledge or entry level developer knowledge and typically smaller online stores will not interface well with them.

EE is typically meant for users doing a minimum of 5MM+ and the infrastructure that accompanies a company that size. Looking for the full article regarding Magento versions with comparisons to other platforms, see below.


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