When I switched my gmail to G-suite email stopped working in Stone Edge. I’m getting a 534 error in Stone Edge? What is different about G-suite and how do I setup Stone Edge with G-Suite Email?

Travis Romine Changed status to publish February 4, 2021

So setting up a Gsuite email address with Stone Edge requires some additional steps that are different from the standard Gmail setup.

  • First make sure you have switched on both of the parameters TLS parameters in Stone Edge Parameters
    • Go to Parameters and search TLS, switch both TLS and TLS2 to on and SAVE


  • Then you’ll need to go into your Gsuite Account and turn ON Access for less secure apps  https://myaccount.google.com/lesssecureapps
    • Gsuite is very security conscious and has some new firewalls, we need to turn this feature ON which will basically disable the firewall.


  • Double check your SMTP settings, username and password
    • Your SMTP is going to be your host which is smtp.gmail.com
    • Server Port 587
    • User Name: youremail@yourwebsite.com
    • Password for whatever you use to login to that email address
    • SSL Encryption On and make sure to turn on Parameters for TLS both to on in the Parameters section of Stone Edge as I mentioned above.


  • Use the TEST button in the Email Setup Wizard to test

The biggest hurdle on this is getting into Gsuite and turning ON Access for less secure apps, that was the big hangup I had. Depending on if you are using 5.938 or a 7.x version of Stone Edge you may encounter different TLS or TLS2 settings in Parameters.

TIP: I worked on an older 5.938 installation that actually required me to exit SEOM before if would update the email settings and apply them, etc. I spent quite a while trying setting combinations and then closed out and restarted and…boom it finally applied the settings. Again that was only in 5.938.

Use the TEST EMAIL button in the Stone Edge Setup Wizard to assist when testing setting if you are having trouble. You can also configure a different send email for each workstation, each cart, etc. That’s a great tool when you want to get confirmations or replies sent back to a specific department or workstation using SEOM.

That’s also a terrific feature to have your purchasing workstation send from purchasing@mycompany.com instead of from your main generic info@ or sales@ so that any replies from those emails or confirmation are routed properly within your organization.

Here is a link to the Stone Edge Documentation on Email Setup for reference.


Travis Romine Changed status to publish February 4, 2021

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