I ran into a nasty issue with Seller Cloud where I was having to manually assign categories in the Seller Cloud interface and then Post them in small batches to Magento.
I have a large catalog and need to update all of the categories on a spreadsheet and upload it to Seller Cloud and then update Magento. What is the best way to do this efficiently? Seller Cloud Support was little to no help, unfortunately.


So here’s how you do it.

You can actually use a CSV or EXCEL sheet with appropriate headers to update Magento categories in bulk in Seller Cloud. Support has yet to publish this formally but it works.

Seller Cloud Export Products Fast
Seller Cloud Export Products Fast
  1. Export all of the product you’d like to work on from Seller Cloud. SC actually has some pretty good Advanced Filters to narrow down which ones you’d like to export.
    1. Add an additional column called MagentoAttributeSetID
    2. Take a break and get coffee (or a whiskey if after 5pm)
  2. Seller Cloud Magento Category Assignment
    Seller Cloud Magento Category Assignment


    1. How do you bulk assign categories in Seller Cloud to update – post on Magento? Ecommerce Consulting - Magento Consulting - Organic SEO ConsultingHome‚>‚ Companies‚> YOUR COMPANY‚ >‚ Magento General Settings‚ >‚ Magento Categories
      1. Click Re-Download Categories if you haven’t already
      2. SELECT then entire list of categories on the screen and numbers (select Text)
      3. Past that text list into an Excel sheet and call it Magento Category ID’s
  3. Time to actually map your categories!
    1. Filter your product list by item type or brand.
      1. Switch to your Magento Category ID reference sheet and CNTRL+F and choose FIND ALL
      2. Enter a search term using the FIND ALL option, to locate the categories appropriate for your filtered products
        1. Example: Filter ProductName CONTAINS “Speaker” then search your Category Attribute ID sheet for “Speaker”
  4. You can add multiple categories to one item using, to separate the Category ID’s
  5. Upload the inventory sheet to SC
  6. Select the items you want to update in SC and Click Launch on Channel > Magento

Reach out if you have issues with Seller Cloud or Magento anytime or if you’re interested in getting some consulting help. Please leave me a quick comment if you found this useful.


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