I’m using Magento and want to offer my customers Free Shipping but not Alaska or Hawaii. I want to only offer free shipping on the lower 48 states where it’s reasonable to ship. How do I set this up properly in my Magento store? I’ve tried Shopping Cart Rules and messed with the Free Shipping settings in configuration but it keeps offering Free Shipping to everyone, what’s going on?


You can exclude Alaska and Hawaii pretty easily actually once you understand what Magento wants.

  • First you’ll need to setup your free method up in Admin.
    • Navigate in Admin to Stores > Config > Sales > Shipping Methods
    • Enable Free Shipping which is the second tab down
    • Fill out minimum free shipping amount to something huge you’ll never hit like $100,000 so it won’t activate (don’t worry this is correct, we will use a rule to activate free shipping instead to trigger this)

setup magento exclude Hawaii Alaska


At this point, we’ve set up free shipping but it won’t work since the Minimum Order Amount is set super high. Now we go and create the appropriate Cart Rule in Magento.

  • In Magento Admin navigate to Cart Price Rules and create a new rule
    • Setup Conditions to =
      • Shipping State not Alaska
      • Shipping State not Hawaii
      • (optional) Subtotal equals or greater than 99

magento rule exclude hawaii and alaska shipping

  • Under Actions leave it blank except you’ll select Free Shipping “For matching items only” – in the drop down.
    • That is the free shipping mechanism

Free Shipping Magento Cart Rule

This should do the trick. make sure you always Label your Shopping Cart Price Rules so you and your customers will know which rules are being applied in the cart. Also the Label will also help you identify which coupon was used on the customer order and invoice, super helpful.

Please leave me a comment if this was helpful to you and everything worked out ok. Thanks!


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