It’s not surprising that website speed increases conversions. Your e-commerce website needs to have killer content, but if your amazing listing content takes too long to load…it’s a moot point. We use Magento for many of our e-commerce clients, it’s powerful but it has to be set up right to be fast. Speed can be the difference between $1000 a day and $10,000 a day and greatly reduce conversion rate.

But how much does it really matter, how many milliseconds, and how much on which device types? To what extent can you improve your conversion rate by improving speed and by how much? Lots of things to consider. I’ve shared a graphic below that tells the story quite well and explains much on this surprisingly complex topic.

For nearly every e-commerce category you’ll see Mobile users dominating the engagement metrics. It’s just so dang convenient and the phones and 4g speed keeps getting faster. Check out some of the tips and links below to get started understanding why it’s so important and how to find out if your website stacks up to your competitors.

Helpful Web Page Speed Test Links

Google PageSpeed Insights:

GT Metrix:



How Much Does Website Speed Increase Conversions

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We work with clients daily on shaving off seconds of load time using caching refinement and efficient code with Magento websites. Reach out anytime if you’re trying to increase the health of your Magento store or improve the speed, we’re happy to help and have some amazing Magento wizards that can speed things up.

Travis Romine