I was reviewing a client account recently and noticed a really high number of sessions in the evening. This was surprising as I know most of the revenue is generated in the afternoon. I smell an opportunity to increase conversions but Analytics won’t provide a way to reference sessions and revenue at the same time via hourly dimensions out of the box.

To investigate further and present my findings to the client I needed a way to figure out a way to view customer sessions with revenue metrics by the hour over various date ranges. That isn’t something Analytics has in the preset reports area but wasn’t really that hard to set up.

With a few tutorials online I was able to create a custom report that featured sessions and e-commerce revenue information by the hour.

You can make your own or download my Analytics Report to get Revenue and Sessions by the Hour template directly into your Analytics Account. That link will auto add to your Analytics account and you can add it to a specific Account View as a custom report automatically, Google made sharing Analytics reports easy and it works great.

However; once you launch it in Analytics you’ll need to select the additional metric to see the Revenue information. By default, this report will show sessions only and not Revenue so make sure to select the additional metric. (See below)

How To Show Revenue Sessions By Hour in Analytics
Analytics Conversions By Hour Revenue and Sessions

Travis Romine