You can build your domain authority over time by systematically writing relevant, recent content, then obtaining that content shared and mentioned by alternative established brands & people in related fields. Whether you’re ranging from scratch or want a content-promoting analysis for your existing blogs, there’s always an opportunity for growth.

There is a lot of competition online for eCommerce businesses these days. If you’re an amazon retailer or even have your own Shopify or Magento website you’ll want to do some Amazon product research. Determining hot product types and brands is important and doing some research before you list products and stock your warehouse is key.

Your eCommerce promoting methods ought to specialize in capturing individuals trying to find a product and actively adopting many outward strategies to urge individuals to require to see you.

There’s an oversized variety of various eCommerce promoting methods out there. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at some of the foremost essential methods you’ll want to use and acquire additional sales. This is just the tip of the iceberg and a general overview list, Contact Sharp Commerce for more detail on any of these areas.


Virtually all e-commerce businesses will and may use these inexpensive promoting methods. We take into account these techniques to be the building blocks of an eCommerce promotion strategy, as a result of even one single action (like changing keywords or simply one weblog post) will yield returns for years to come.



Search engine improvement (SEO) remains a necessary part of promoting. Gaining rank in google search results can take many months even if you know exactly what to do and do it well. Make sure you at least have these basics in place:

  • Sitemap submitted to Google Search Console
  • Meta Data and H Tags Filled out completely on Home Page, Category Pages, Product Pages and especially on blog article pages.

When you’re creating the pages on your site, use language and a voice that matches your brand, like you are talking to someone in your brick and mortar store. With the invention of automated/bot blog article builders you want to stand out that your article is actually meaningful and isn’t just SEO spam. Do some basic keyword research and find out what keywords your perfect customer avatar is looking for and create articles that solve their problem.

Lastly, consider intent. Don’t try and rank for “shoes”, use long tail keywords like “best running shoes for 2021” for an article. People searching for that information would be shopping for shoes you carry etc.

Or try and rank a high intent low volume phrase like “Red and Black Puma Shoes” or similar combination. Even if you somehow ranked for “shoes” the purchasing intent could be really low and have little value to you.



Reviews are super important these days. It not only give the customer confidence in the product but confidence in the experience they will have with your company after the sales. Giving the shopper a peek into how they will be treated is a huge buying decision. 84 out of 100 individuals trust online reviews the maximum amount as they trust their friends, which means we tend to extremely trust reviews. Plenty of plugins for WordPress and Shopify apps create review capture and placement on various pages of your site (which will embody photos and videos). Yotpo and Loox are each excellent services that I personally have used and recommend.



Social Media Ecommerce

For many eCommerce businesses, content promoting means that blogging can also embody some prominent lead magnets like ebooks to bring customers to your website and encourage them to sign up for your email list.

Content promoting is free if you are doing it yourself. You’ll be able to additionally rent content marketers to develop your strategy for you or to put in writing the posts entirely.

Remember that your weblog shouldn’t be regarding the new product you’ve got. Instead, if you’re an eCommerce merchant needing to promote a brand new line of fitness attire, write a post talking about the various qualities that folks ought to search for in covering once they’re doing different kinds of exercises. Think about the questions that customers are asking before purchase the answer them comprehensively.

You’d be astonished at what percentage of individuals Google things like “what ought to I wear to yoga” or “what garments I ought to wear to kickboxing?” It’s not solely individuals trying to find answers, they’re often interested in purchasing these garments.



You can extend your reach to alternative blogs and publications, golf stroke your content ahead of a brand new audience, and obtain many vital links back to your website.

Only submit posts to prime quality, high authority publications, and sites that you wish your business to be related to, ideally solely those with engaged readerships.



Social media promotion is entirely free (unless you source it), and it’s superb thanks to building and nurturing relationships with customers. It can even assist you to connect with new users due to sharing, Facebook recommendations, and algorithms that share what your friends are up to.

When it involves social media promoting eCommerce, check that you specialize in client relationships over solely promoting your product. Additionally, make sure you answer messages quickly to keep your rating and engagement metrics healthy. This can also help increase conversion rate, consumer confidence and lower your abandoned cart rate.



Social Media Influencers

Depending on what influencers you find and your industry niche you may find some really valuable micro-influencers inexpensively. If you utilize this strategy and maintain these contacts, provide them with direction, appropriate compensation and perks, you can quickly develop a strong influencer base for your brand.

Keep in mind that many shoppers need to see your brand 7-10 times before making a purchase! Working with influencers can be a key part of your marketing mix. Understanding you may be getting indirect sales from them is important and they are just 1 touch point of many.

Users generally trust micro-influencers additionally, seeing their recommendations as extra legitimate. Most will prefer payment in exchange for promotion; others are fine with a set of free products.

Influencers can be a great investment. Just make sure their audience base is the right fit when you’re selecting them. Ensure they have an enthusiastic, engaged audience that matches your general customer avatar.


Email marketing is one of the most misunderstood and poorly applied marketing strategies for most e-commerce merchants.  Many ecom merchants I come across are just sending “email blasts” which do nothing more than annoy your audience and maybe generate a small amount of sales at best.

Your email marketing needs to be remarkable. It needs to stand out in your customer’s email box and I’m not talking about Emoji’s. Use language that is friendly and familiar to your target customer base. Talk to customers in your emails like you would in your brick and mortar store.

Create all of the general important key emails with automated roll out.

  • Welcome Series
    • Here’s a code for a discount, glad you’re here
    • A little about us, fun facts that matter to your customer
    • We’re passionate about our industry
    • Define differentiators (examples below)
      • Fast Shipping
      • General Advantages over purchasing from other merchants
      • Product help after the sale
      • Best Price Guarantee
      • No Hassle Returns
      • Been in business since etc.
  • Birthday Coupon
  • Update your preferences (with reward)
  • Leave us a review, how are we doing
  • Packages
  • Top Sellers
  • Value Added Blog Posts for popular topics

With excellent visuals and friendly and accurate copywriting, you’ll be able to deliver targeted suggestions, product announcements, and discount offers to an audience that is already curious about your product.

Include personalization in your emails wherever potential. Add user names to the email subject line, or send mechanically tailored recommendations supporting past purchases with segmented email lists.

Using segments you can carefully learn about your customer and what they want to see or get out of your email program. This takes some time, analysis and planning. If you can properly give your customer what they want in the emails you send, you’re well on your way to building a popular brand and multi-million dollar online business.



Instagram can be an incredibly valuable tool for selling and product awareness online. Insta is focused on pictures and videos and not text like FB. Use those to have fun demonstrating your products and presenting visually interesting features your customers will love. Insta has become a standard for customers to interact with their favorite brands. Having a properly setup Instagram store is an additional channel that can be a big part of your selling channel mix.

Start by making your Instagram shoppable.

Shopify stores can produce actual Shoppable posts, wherever you tag a product in your photos. Once users click on them, they see basic info like worth and will click once more to get. The technology is always changing so make sure to play with all of the current options with Instagram shopping and Instagram stores to maximize that channel.


With Google Ads, you target specific keywords instead of audience interests like Social Media. Instead of targeting interest “knitting” you’ll be targeting keywords like “green merino knitting yarn bulky” to present products that match the attributes of the product you’re trying to sell with some long tail keywords your customer searched for.

Ads are displayed on top of or in the side bar of search results. Depending on how much you pay and how well your ads are optimized you’ll come up higher in the ad stack.

AdWords will assist you in connecting with users who are actively searching for specific keyword phrases. Google Ads is super competitive and doesn’t make sense to do yourself. I recommend working with a Google Ads specialist that is approved by Google for the best success. I have some I recommend often, message Sharp anytime for recommendations.

Plenty of strategies come into play once it involves Google AdWords; therefore, consulting a skilled agency (like us!) will facilitate checking that your cash is well allotted to yield high returns.


Facebook and Instagram Ads operate the same premise. Therefore we’re lumping them in together here.

These ads work differently than AdWords. Rather than targeting users by search intent keywords and showing them ads once they’re trying to find you, your target users are targeted by interests. Social Media marketing with killer content can build companies overnight and is one of the most popular and powerful promotional channels out there.  Not only can you present your products to an audience that is truly “interested” but you can use content to help educate them about your brand, why they should order from you and demonstrate popular remarkable products to them with videos.

Travis Romine