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How Much Does Website Speed Increase Conversions?

How Much Does Website Speed Increase Conversions

It’s not surprising that website speed increases conversions. Your e-commerce website needs to have killer content, but if that content takes too long to load…it’s a moot point. But how much does it really matter, how many milliseconds, and how much on which device types? To what extent can you improve your conversion rate by…

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MoviePass Fiasco Contains Valuable Lessons For Your Business

Lessons from MoviePass Graphic - MovieFail

In Q1 of 2018 MoviePass hit 1.5 Million subscribers and was taking off like wildfire, yesterday my MoviePass stopped working and the stock is worth less than $1! Mitch Lowe, CEO of MoviePass had a revolutionary idea, but had some budget miscalculations to say the least. While this entertainment industry disruptor looks to be defeated, there…

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Why upgrade to Magento 2?

WHy Upgrade to Magento 2 - new features

Why should I move from Magento 1 to Magento 2? I finally got M1 setup exactly the way I want it. Do I really have to move to M2? The reality is, as a Magento 1 store owner you need to start looking at M2 and at least begin planning. The decision on when to…

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How to Differentiate Your Ecommerce Business From Your Competitors

how to differentiate your business

Why would someone buy from you rather than your competition? That’s an incredibly tough question even for some of the veteran online retailers that I review. If you’re new to ecommerce, make sure you determine your differentiator before lifting a finger on your website. Doing this will help keep your business model relevant regardless of…

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It’s Time to Switch From HTTP to HTTPS

Google HTTP vs HTTPS

  Securing your site with HTTPS We’ve been advising our clients for well over a year now to start using HTTPS sitewide if they aren’t already. In the past using HTTPS on secure pages was good enough but not anymore. Google has formally stated that sites using HTTPS will rank higher than comparable sites not…

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How to choose an eCommerce Consultant

how to choose an ecommerce consultant

  Hiring an Ecommerce Consultant Hiring a qualified and experienced ecommerce consultant is one of the best things an online retailer can do to improve sales and efficiency. Hire the wrong one…it can be devastating. Successfully selling online typically doesn’t just happen by putting some items for sale on a website. The days of setting…

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7 Ways Your eCommerce Store Can Compete with Amazon

How Your eCommerce Store Can Compete with Amazon

About Latest Posts Travis RomineEcommerce Consultant at Sharp CommerceTravis works with online retailers to improve sales and market share through consulting and strategy. Travis has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, ecommerceconsulting.com, Webretailer.com, Inspired Insider Podcast & Facebook For Business. Latest posts by Travis Romine (see all) How Much Does Website Speed Increase Conversions? – February…

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Sharp Commerce Partners With Shipstation

ShipStation Official Partner

Sharp Commerce is now an official solution partner with Shipstation! We’ve been recommending and implementing Shipstation for years and are excited to be an official Shipstation solution partner. Shipstation has proven to be a highly innovative company and the integration with Magento is excellent. We recommend Shipstation to all our new Magento and Shopify builds and…

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Facebook Advertising 101 for E-Commerce

FaceBook advertising 101 eCommerce

Facebook Advertising 101 for E-commerce Store Owners Facebook Advertising 101 is meant as a starting point for marketers just starting out and eCommerce DIY entrepreneurs trying their hand at Facebook ads. If you’d like some help we offer turnkey eCommerce Facebook Advertising Services. The days of print, radio, and TV as the only options for…

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