When I get hired by an ecommerce brand they want sales, sales, sales….they want the sausage and often  don’t even care how it’s made. Those types are not long for the ecommerce space unfortunately, most will crash and burn. There’s more to building an ecommerce business these days than posting some products and turning a quick buck.

There are many facets to achieving a stable, scalable business model, especially in the ecommerce retail space. Here are my top 3.

1. Know your Ecommerce Niche

I have a DJ equipment client who was selling anything and everything for general music related interests. This wasn’t working very well because the space had gotten more competitive over the years. As part of the initial engagement we made the hard choice to close out all of the guitars, guitar pedals, and other non-DJ centric products so we could focus more on the DJ Niche. It was scary at first for the client but over time this strategy paid off and this client realized a business transformation using this slice of “Niching out”.

  • Bullseye Marketing

    • Laser-Focused Ads: When you know your niche, you can slay your marketing game. No more random shots in the dark – your ads hit the bullseye and catch the attention of your perfect audience.
  • Understanding Your Peeps

    • Tailor-Made Goodies: Knowing your niche means you’re like a mind reader for your customers. You create products or services that are like a perfect match on a dating app – exactly what they’ve been looking for!
  • Stand Out in the Crowd

    • Be the Coolest Kid: In a world full of look-alike businesses, having a niche makes you the coolest kid on the block. You’re not just another face in the crowd; you’re the one everyone wants to hang out with.
  • Rockin’ Brand Vibes

    • Consistent Awesomeness: Your niche is like your secret sauce for a killer brand. It gives you a style that’s so unique, people can spot your vibe from a mile away. Consistency is key, my friend!
  • Smart Resource Moves

    • Use Resources Wisely: Knowing your niche is like having a superhero power for resource management. You spend your time and money where it matters most – no more wasting energy on stuff that doesn’t vibe with your peeps.
  • Market Jedi Mind Tricks

    • Yoda-Level Decisions: Niche knowledge is your lightsaber against bad business moves. You make decisions like a market Jedi because you’ve got the wisdom from deep-diving into your niche.
  • Chit-Chat on Point

    • Speak Their Language: Knowing your niche means you talk the talk of your audience. It’s like having a secret handshake – your customers get you, and you get them.
  • Trend Surfing

    • Riding the Wave: Niche-focused businesses are like surfers on the cool trends wave. You see the trends coming, catch the right ones, and ride them to success. Cowabunga!
  • Level Up with Your Fans

    • Superfans Unite: Your niche isn’t just a target; it’s your squad. As your ecommerce adventure levels up, your squad grows with you. It’s like having a bunch of sidekicks cheering you on!
  • Stock the products they want

    • Only stock product types that match your target audience, it will make marketing to your audience like a kid in a candy store, create synergy within your catalog, and keep them coming back.

Knowing your niche isn’t just a strategy – it’s a serious game-changer for your online business. Is your ecommerce business sticking to it’s niche? 🚀

2. Relationships, all of them


This is something I see online retailers miss all the time. Would you want to work for you? Would you want to do business with you? Truly consider this and ask yourself why?

When I lost my ecommerce business to a gross hostile takeover…something great came out this “money grab’. My vendors stated publicly they wanted to do business only with me and my team, not my partner. They actually donated thousands of dollars to my court case and wrote declaration letters about my stewardship. My employees took sick days to support me in court and many were even fired by the new management for supporting me.  Customers even wrote letters in support! All of this was organic, and exposed a major underlying reason the business was so successful that I hadn’t realized.  How you treat people can build a bulletproof business.

  • Employees:

Let’s Party at Work! 🎉: Create an office vibe that’s more like a celebration. Happy employees mean a happy business. So, throw in some high-fives, a few office celebrations, and maybe a dance break. It’s not just work; it’s a fiesta!

You’re the Hero! 🚀: Invest in your team’s superhero powers with cool training sessions and growth opportunities. They’ll be flexing their skills in no time, and you’ll have a squad of workplace Avengers ready to conquer any challenge.

Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk: Keep those communication channels wide open. We’re not just bosses; we’re a team. Regular check-ins, open ears, and a sprinkle of positive vibes – that’s how we roll!

  • Customers:

Service with a Smile! 😊: Customer service isn’t a department; it’s a feeling. Respond to inquiries like you’re chatting with a friend. Throw in some virtual confetti for that extra happy touch. Happy customers are repeat customers – it’s like having a fan club!

The VIP Treatment: Know your customers better than their BFFs. Personalized promos, shoutouts, and virtual high-fives – make them feel like the VIPs they are. We’re not just selling stuff; we’re creating a fanbase!

Building Trust, One Emoji at a Time: Be as transparent as a crystal-clear lake. Honest communication builds trust faster than you can send an emoji. Customers appreciate the scoop on changes, and trust us, they’ll stick around for the good vibes.

  • Vendors:

Let’s Play Fair! 🤝: Playing fair is like the golden rule of business. Communicate your game plan clearly to vendors, and let them in on the fun. A game where everyone wins – that’s the vibe we’re going for!

Partner in Crime: Forget the transactional stuff; we’re in it for the long haul. Vendors, you’re not just suppliers; you’re our partners in crime. Let’s create some magic together!

Fairytale Terms: Negotiate like a fairytale deal-maker. Think volume discounts, clear guidelines, and a happy dance when things go smoothly. Let’s build a vendor dream team!

Remember, it’s not just business; it’s a friendly, fun, and professional adventure we’re all on together! 🚀✨

3. Reduce Friction

  • Optimize Website Navigation:

    • Navigate Like a Pro! 🚀: Design your website so customers can cruise through it like they’re on a joyride. Make it as easy as finding snacks in your own kitchen!
  • Improve Page Load Speed:

    • Zoom-Zoom, Lightning Fast! ⚡: Boost your website speed like it’s on a sugar rush. Nobody likes waiting – especially not your customers. Quick and snappy, just the way we like it!
  • Simplify the Checkout Process:

    • Express Lane for the Win! 🏁: Checkout should be a breeze, not a marathon. Let your customers dash through the express lane with a simple, one-click checkout. Less fuss, more fun!
  • Enhance Mobile Experience:

    • Mobile Magic! 📱✨: Mobile shoppers are the real MVPs. Make sure your site sparkles on their screens, with all the bells and whistles included. A mobile dance party, if you will!
  • Provide Detailed Product Information:

    • Lights, Camera, Info! 🎥: Show off your products like they’re Hollywood stars. High-quality pics, juicy details, and reviews that steal the show. Lights, camera, add to cart!
  • Offer Multiple Payment Options:

    • Pay Your Way! 💸: Let your customers pick their payment adventure. Credit card, PayPal, or maybe unicorn coins – whatever floats their boat. Shopping should be a party, not a payment hassle!
  • Implement a Robust Search Function:

    • Search Like a Rockstar! 🎸: Make your search bar a rockstar with auto-suggestions and filters. Let customers find what they want faster than they can say “encore!”
  • Utilize Personalization:

    • You, But in Shopping Form! 👯‍♂️: Treat each customer like the VIP they are. Personalized recommendations, tailored emails – make them feel like they’ve got a personal shopper in their pocket!
  • Provide Excellent Customer Support:

    • Help, But Make it Fun! 🚑: Be the superhero of customer support. Answer questions faster than a speeding bullet and be as friendly as a puppy at a tea party. Your customers deserve a support adventure!
  • Implement a Hassle-Free Returns Process:

    • Returns, but Easy Peasy! 🔄: Make returns a walk in the park, not a maze. Clear policies, pre-paid labels, and turning frowns upside down. Keep the shopping vibe positive, even if it’s a return dance!
  • Utilize Retargeting Strategies:

    • Come Back to the Fun! 🎉: Remind customers about those cool products they eyed like they were celebrities. Abandoned cart emails with a hint of “You’re missing out!” – bring them back to the party!
  • Gather and Act on Customer Feedback:

    • Your Feedback, Our Playlist! 🎶: Ask for feedback and turn it into music to your ears. Positive vibes go a long way. Showcase those golden reviews and let the good times roll!

Remember, ecommerce isn’t just business; it’s a fun and fabulous shopping party, and your customers are the VIP guests! 🛍️✨

Travis Romine