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Our services
  • Customer Retention Systems
  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Building
  • Inventory Management
  • Project Management
  • Customer Engagement Systems
  • Conversion Rate Analysis and Improvement
  • StoneEdge Order Manager Support

Hire us to implement amazing marketing strategy and engagement systems to increase conversions and exponentially increase your PPC efficiency.  Put our long list of marketing best practices in play for incredible results and long term growth.


We build high performance stores through strategy and solid best practices. We don’t experiment, we implement and you’ll see the ROI.  We are results oriented and work with you as a guide to build systems to support and expand your market share.


We identify low hanging fruit and assess your current systems that could be performing better. We are StoneEdge Order Manager experts and have extensive training in warehouse management and fulfillment.  We can implement and apply StoneEdge or another order management solution for you, making your team more efficient and productive.


We are one of the few ecommerce agencies that has (in the trenches) real world experience building a successful online store into an empire. Why aren’t we retired on a beach somewhere? Due to a surprise hostile takeover, My ecommerce ninja’s and I were pushed out of the mulit-million dollar company we built. We formed Sharp Commerce and have enjoyed helping online retailers improve their store performance ever since.

"Count on us for next level ecommerce strategy that will make you money."
Who we are?

Experienced Ecommerce Digital Agency
Digital Catalog Manager

Nathaniel specializes in Catalog Management and Maintenance. Excel is his weapon of choice as he attacks legions of messy data and product updates. Nathaniel is trained in SEO best practices and infuses them into his database catalog work. He has advanced training in image management and product photography. Nathaniel holds a Bachelors in fine arts from Gonzaga and is an amazing artist.

Business Systems Manager

Nick is our web solutions expert, Magento wizard and IT ninja. He has been in online retail technology and consulting for 10+ years. He has an extensive background with fulfillment and warehouse management including the Stone Edge Order Manager. He specializes in online retail systems workflow solutions. It’s not unusual to find him mind melding with a server (like spock from Star Trek) when troubleshooting a new server installation.

Email Marketing Strategy

Sara has 7 years of experience in online retail and previously served as the Email Marketing Coordinator at Paradise Fibers. She is great at squeezing more out of every email campaign. Sara has worked with a variety of Email Service Providers to produce advanced segmentation techniques to increase ROI via targeting. She also has extensive experience in fulfillment systems, order management and catalog management.

Director of Ecommerce

Travis is an eCommerce guru with over 10+ years in the industry as an online retailer and consultant. He has been featured on,, Inspired Insider Podcast and was a featured panelist at Facebook For Business in 2014. Travis is a natural innovator in many areas of online retail including streamlining processes, customer retention and digital marketing. Travis developed the systems and team that brought Paradisefibers from a fledgling startup ($50k in debt) to over $5MM on a shoestring budget. He is also a registered contractor for the Monsoon Stone Edge Order Manager.

A professional of the highest caliber who added value to our business instantaneously...excellent communication and problem solving skills coupled with intense self motivation...a welcome jump in productivity and solid increase in ROI. -Alex Masri,
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